Address by the ANC Treasurer General, Dr Mathews Phosa, to the ANC Provincial General Council in the Western Cape

Address by the ANC Treasurer General, Dr Mathews Phosa, to the ANC Provincial General Council in the Western Cape

9 June 2012

We will shortly be going to our pre-Mangaung policy conference in Gauteng.

During that conference we will discuss:

  • Reforming and strengthening the provincial government system;
  • Improving our health services and rolling out the NHI;
  • Improving our overall judiciary system;
  • Aligning our post-school systems and institutions with the market demand;
  • Utilizing state owned enterprises to widen the skills base and improve labour absorption
  • How we unlock value through state intervention in the minerals sector;
  • The state of our organization
  • The acceleration of our infrastructure roll out plans;
  • Our relationships with our neighbors, the region, the continent and the globe.

It is a hefty agenda and one that you should interrogate through your inputs at the conference.

Broadly speaking, the point of departure is that of saying: we have won a resounding victory on the political front; our job is now to ensure that we do even better in planning and structuring the economic liberation of our country.

Simply put, we need more jobs, improved skills levels, more black entrepreneurs and improved service delivery.

We also need better alignment of our resources as well as delivery structures.

In addition, we need to react faster to both the policy and delivery challenges facing us.

The time is over for us to look back, we have the levers of government in our hands, and we must use them to drive the country forward.

In doing so, I urge that we do not get side-tracked by petty debates and intellectual discourse that often have the effect of moving us sideways rather than forward.

Let us focus our debates and discourse and how to get things moving forward, faster.

In the Western Cape, and in the country, we dropped the ball on nation-building.

We neglected our interaction with minorities, and we admit that we often did not live by our motto that this country belongs to all who live in it.

We can only win the Western Cape back if we live by, and embody, our understanding that we are an inclusive party with equal accommodation for all persuasions.

This province has proven that one size does not fit all, and that we need to adapt our strategy and leadership to different circumstances.

Any new leadership of our party should move from the following points of departure:

  • Keeping our eyes on the future, and not the past;
  • Orientated towards action, and not debate;
  • Understand that the bigger the tree, the fiercer the winds
  • Providing solutions rather state the challenge;
  • Live and die by non-factionalism and non-racialism;
  • Put the party and the party`s policies and interests before the person.

We do not serve individuals or leaders but the people who elected us and placed their trust in us to provide them with better lives.

To complete the second phase of our liberation we need leaders and leadership that inspire, act fast, act transparently, and deliver. Such delivery will manifest in improved living conditions and economic circumstances for all South Africans.

Nothing else will do.

Thank you.