Debate on appointment of Neil Barnard as DG for Western Cape

Debate on appointment of Neil Barnard as DG for Western Cape

4 November 1996

ANC questions delay by Speaker Doman in agreeing to a debate on Neil Barnard`s appointment as DG for the Western Cape

On Friday 1 November the ANC caucus in the provincial legislature requested a snap debate in terms of rule 105 to discuss the desirability of Neil Barnard`s appointment as DG which becomes effective on 1 December 1996.

A debate on the transport crisis will be held on Wednesday 6th November at the request of the NP. Why then the delay in agreeing to our request?

It is clear that the NP, and the Premier in particular, are deeply concerned at the rising opposition to the appointment steamrollered by the NP cabinet. The conviction and sentencing of De Kock has raised serious questions about the role of the NIS in the establishment of hit squads and their involvement in political asssasination. The role of Niel Barnard as the head of NIS at the time clearly needs to investigated by the TRC. He is likely to be called by the TRC sooner rather tha later to account for his actions.

It is unacceptable for the NP to delay this debate. No other request for a debate by any political party in the legislature has been delayed in this manner. We call on the Speaker to accept our request and allow the debate to continue on Wednesday. What have the NP and the Premier got to hide?

Issued by ANC DIP Western Cape

Further comment from Cameron Dugmore, Head of DIP at 418 4616 code 7131