Statement by Ebrahim Rasool, Chairperson: ANC Western Cape on the political situation in the Province

Statement by Ebrahim Rasool, Chairperson: ANC Western Cape on the political situation in the Province

26 March 2003

The African National Congress can confirm that four members of the Provincial Legislature have used the opportunity of the Walkover Legislation to join the ANC. This is an opportunity they utilized of their own free will, and as allowed for in the agreement between the ANC and the NNP.

The members who joined the ANC are:

  • Mr Archie Lewis former Provincial Leader of the UDM,
  • Mr Nick Isaacs Former NNP Member and Deputy Speaker,
  • Mr Abe Williams and
  • Mr Ebrahim Isaacs (both also form the NNP).

The ANC accepted these members because we believe that they will add significant value to the vision, the strategy and the policy direction of the ANC.

More importantly, the ANC accepted them as a reaction to the defection of right-wing members of the NNP to the DA. We believe that this Province has had enough instability in government. The strengthening of the DA as a white right party has prompted the ANC to ensure ongoing stability by having a critical mass in the Legislature as an insurance against any further possibilities of instability in the government of the Province.

The ANC is not motivated by a desire for power, but for good, stable, delivering governance in the context of political fluidity in the Western Cape.

To underline this, the ANC reiterates its commitment to the Co-operation Agreement between the ANC and the NNP. Both the letter and the spirit of the Agreement will be adhered to by the ANC. The NNP will still constitute 50% of the provincial government and Mr Marthinus van Schalkwyk enjoys our confidence as Premier.

Both Mr van Schalkwyk and I are committed to the policy framework, which guides our government, and are even more feverish in our desire to deliver to our people in the face of the consolidation of the white right under the banner of the DA.

We note with great interest the hypocrisy of the DA. It is apparent that the DA and its supporters only regard those who defect from them as "political prostitutes" who "betray the voters", but welcome similar people who defect to them as "an act which strengthens democracy".

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape