ANC Western Cape Deputy Provincial Secretary Marius Fransman on the USA`s war against Iraq

ANC Western Cape Deputy Provincial Secretary Marius Fransman on the USA`s war against Iraq

25 March 2003

We herewith unequivocally condemn the USA`s war against the people of Iraq.

The fact that George Bush and Tony Blair have attacked Iraq without UN backing, means this is an unjust and illegal war. America has no right to proclaim to itself the role of world policeman.

The ANC and the government remain convinced that had the UN arms inspectors been given more time, peaceful disarmament would have been possible.

This war is wrong because it is the poor who are the main victims. Already the first casualties include innocent women and children.

It is wrong because it inflames, rather than resolve, global conflicts. It is wrong because the forces of power and greed motivate it. The fact that troops have been deployed to secure Iraqi oilfields, confirms world allegations of US hypocrisy.

This war has now further threatened international peace and security. It is creating instability both in the Middle East and elsewhere. It has also postponed the long-delayed resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, at great cost to both peoplešs.

It is time for the United States to realise you cannot build prosperity for a few in the context of a sea of poverty. Africa needs peace for development: The price of this war and other negative economic consequences would condemn the African continent to a deep economic crisis.

We cannot accept that the powerful have a right to use their power to marginalize the UN or undermine it. All weapons of mass destruction must be destroyed, whether it is in Pakistan, North-Korea, Israel, Iraq or the United States. The United Nations came into being to promote peace, not to promote war.

As agents for peace, the ANC and its allies will continue to work alongside many other organisations in the interest of the people of Iraq. To this end we will soon announce various types of actions in protest against the war.

For further enquiries contact ANC Deputy Provincial Secretary Marius Fransman 082-828-6544, or Provincial Media Officer Gert Witbooi 082-570-9118.

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape