ANC Western Cape Welcomes UDM members joining the ANC

ANC Western Cape Welcomes UDM members joining the ANC

7 March 2003

The ANC this morning welcomed into its ranks former members of the UDM.

Speaking at the press conference announcing their intention of joining the ANC, ANC Provincial Secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha said: "This is a continuation of a process for many people who are coming home. The ANC has always represented the values held most dearly by the majority of people in this country.

"The fact that we have lost some members in the past has not detracted us from our principles and core values. At times there will be tensions with regards to issues of delivery, but the ANC will always remain committed to develop the lives of our people for the better. And the majority are starting to see that the ANC is firmly on track, as was witnessed by our national conference, the Presidents January 8th Statement, the President`s opening of Parliament and Finance Minister Trevor Manuel`s budget speech.

"The fact that so many UDM members from across the province have rejoined the ANC, is another indication of our growth in the province. Our last Provincial Conference (in November 2001) mandated the Provincial Executive Committee to work hard to achieve an all out majority in next year`s elections. These members who are coming home is a clear demonstration that the ANC is making progress on the ground. Even the polls are confirming it.

"The ANC Western Cape`s track record with regards to fighting corruption is without doubt the most exemplary, especially if one takes into account the sagas surrounding the DA and Harksen, the NNP`s problems with regards to their fundraising methods, and now revelations of how the UDM deals with dissent in its ranks.

"We want to emphasize that all these former UDM members who stand before you and the many others who will join us over the next weeks, are coming voluntarily and without expectations of position. They are coming because they want to help build the ANC as an agent for change and a vehicle to push back the frontiers of poverty. Welcome comrades. We look forward to working with you."


Bantu Holomisa, when still in the ANC, refused to be silenced on Stella Sigcau allegedly being corrupt. You will recall that he testified against her at the TRC implying that she accepted a bribe from Sol Kerzner for casino rights in Transkei. He was kicked out of the ANC when he refused to be silenced.

He came to us ­ the people - with tears in his eyes. We caught his tears in our hands before it could fall on the ground. We had sympathy for him as he was known as being outspoken on corruption.

We assisted him in drafting to document titled ³Comrades in Corruption², when he went to the people after the ANC kicked him out. We have been fooled. The party we launched was not corrupt, because the people launched it. We, the people, have however now seen that the party has become corrupt at the highest level. Corruption is rife and countrywide the UDM is in a crisis.

It includes mal-administration, abuse of funds, financial mismanagement of constituency allowances, formation of plastic branches, blatant corrupt auditing processes of branches by the national leadership to get their cronies elected to positions, blatant lying, intimidation, disregard for procedures and processes of the law, favouritism, racism etc. Proof of these things will find its way to the media ­ as it always does. South Africans will be informed! The truth will be revealed.

We have shown clearly since May last year that we do not care if the UDM suspend or kick out all of us ­ we will not be silenced on corruption. I stood up against corruption and got kicked out three weeks ago. The people stood up with me, more of them have been kicked out or suspended or threatened with suspension. We donıt mind ­ we will not be silenced.

We donıt want to misuse the opportunity today, where we are welcomed in our new political home, the ANC, to deal with the details of corruption in our former home, the UDM. We will be available in the next few days to the media and we will hand over documented proof to the media, which will expose the UDM as utterly corrupt. (some documentation will be made available after the press conference)

However, it has become clear that Holomisa himself condoned corruption and corrupt practices by his own national leaders in the UDM ­ we gave him a chance to intervene and to prove that he can act as a leader instead of being in cahoots with corrupt so-called leaders. We even publicly requested him to intervene on 6 February 2003 at a press conference. The UDM leadership reacted by shooting the messengers. We have lost our trust in Holomisa now.

Clearly the UDM national leadership who has been throwing big stones at the ANC, are being exposed as mere hypocritical Mickey Mouse noise makers living in small, wobbly glass houses.

We, the people no longer have sympathy for Holomisa. We are opting for principles instead of ³going with the flow² or sitting back like jellyfishes or spineless people. We will stand up; we will rise in support of honesty, clean politics and commitment to morals. We will fight corruption to the bitter end. We are opting for the people, for the poor, for the sick, for the unemployed, for clean politics and for delivery to the people.

TODAY WE WITHDRAW OURSELVES AS BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE UDM. BECAUSE THE ROOF HAS BEEN CORRUPTED. The walls of the little house will collapse very soon. Sadly so!

If opposition parties like the UDM is so corrupt while still so small, it boggles the mind what will happen should it become the governing party. Voters will thankfully reject the UDM next year ­ whatıs left of it by then, if anything.

We join the ANC as normal members. We challenge Holomisa and Malizolo Diko, Secretary General of the UDM to prove that we are getting any positions in the ANC, as they have claimed in the media on Monday already. We are not like them ­ for us politics is about the people, not ourselves. We have proved it once before when some of us voluntarily gave up our personal incomes to launch the UDM.

We will be loyal ANC members and will start at grass roots level. (You will find some of us in Swellendam on Monday already, where we will be helping in a by-election in which the ANC is participating). We fully subscribe to ANC policies and will market it vigorously wherever we go.

We praise the ANC ­ OUR NEW POLITICAL HOME ­ for its commitment to clean governance. We also praise the ANC for bringing development to the Western Cape, especially in Khayelitsha and Mitchell`s Plain via the Presidential Projects (Urban Renewal Strategy).

We will work tirelessly to ensure that the ANCıs 42% Western Cape poll in 1999 increases far beyond 50% next year. We owe it to the people of the Western Cape. Especially in the Western Cape, people have witnessed during the last 2 years massive corruption, dirty politics, self-enrichment and scandals from individuals in more than one party. People of the Western Cape also experienced an attempt at artificial politics with the formation and demise of the hypocritical DA that shouts from rooftops but are conniving with faceless money launders called ³Hans² in dark corners.

We are not joining the ANC because it is the second best option ­ we are joining the ANC because it is the best.

We are opting for a new political home! A new home where we can, with integrity and without fear of victimization speak up for the people, speak up for honest politics, for integrity, for unselfish service delivering politics and not petty power games and self interest.

We publicly call on all Public Representatives in the UDM who dislike UDM corruption to join us. Stand up for the truth and for principles. You will have the opportunity very soon. Come and help us to draft the document titled: ³The rise and fall of Holomisa, Volume 2.

For enquiries, contact Pieter van Pletzen, spokesperson for the UDM people joining the ANC. Cell: 083-522-4844.

For further information, contact ANC Provincial Secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha 082-829-7452, or Provincial Media Officer Gert Witbooi 082-570-9118.

Issued by:
African National Cape - Western Cape