ANC calls on communities to help deal with Gangsterism

ANC calls on communities to help deal with Gangsterism

12 March 2003

The ANC Western Cape calls on the communities of the Cape Flats to say: "enough is enough!"; and start to help the police deal with gangsterism.

It is with a sense of outrage and anger that we have witnessed the barbaric and senseless killings of two innocent children in as much days. The ANC extends its condolences to the families of both six-year-old Tyrone St! Appolis.

We applaud the police for arresting suspects. In terms of the law they are innocent until proven guilty. But for a start, they must be denied bail. The next step would be for the prosecuting authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and present a water-tight case. In this respect, we call on members of the community to come forward, assist the police with their investigations and don`t be afraid to testify.

If found guilty, we hope these thugs will be given maximum sentences. The family of the victims and the community expect nothing less and nothing more.

But primarily, in the long run, it can only be the communities who can deal with this problem. This includes active co-operation with the police, relaying information about gangsterism activities and crime.

The fact that some of the alleged perpetrators are as young as sixteen, is great cause for concern. This points to serious deficiencies in the fabric of our society. At the root of it all is poverty. It is time our communities stop tolerating drug lords and gangsters because they offer money and luxurious items. Our children must be taught that these thugs are not role-models.

The ANC furthermore supports the call of Community Safety MEC Leonard Ramatlakane for soldiers and more police personnel to deal with crime hot-spots on the Cape Flats.

Now is the time for our communities to act before more children are killed.

For further enquiries contact ANC Provincial Media Officer Gert Witbooi 082-570-9118.