ANC support in Barrydale and Swellendam grows on eve of 19 March by-elections

ANC support in Barrydale and Swellendam grows on eve of 19 March by-elections

18 March 2003

As the by-elections in Barrydale and Swellendam approach on 19 March, the ANC is confident of growing support in all communities.

Last night Ebrahim Rasool, Naledi Pandor, Patrick McKenzie and Cameron Dugmore spoke at jam-packed rallies in both towns. In Barrydale, the ANC is confident of winning the ward which was held by the ANC until Mr John Nortje was appointed as an official.

The DA and NNP are not contesting the ANC. An independent and the PAC are contesting this ward. In Swellendam, which is a DA ward, the ANC is confident of making inroads and improving its performance. This ward was won by the late Mrs M van Zyl who passed away in December 2002. She had left the DA and joined the NNP.

Said ANC provincial co-ordinator for the Overberg region Cameron Dugmore:

"The ANC is securing very solid support from coloured voters, some of whom voted for the NNP and DA in 2000. Surprisingly, a number of white voters have asked to meet with ANC leaders and discuss problems. They have indicated great anger at the DAšs "swart gevaar" tactics.

They have also been angered by the DAšs Hellen Zillesš comments in the provincial legislature where she called the late Mrs van Zyl a "crostitute".

"Increasing numbers of white voters want to be part of building bridges. Whether the majority will support those who are trying to build unity remains to be seen. What is significant is that the message of provincial unity and co-operation is getting through and receiving support.

"Our campaign has focussed on the positive developments the ANC is busy implementing. Minister Hangana announced that she has asked the Provincial Housing Board to approve the Swellendam and Barrydale Housing Projects on 19 March.

"Coloured and Black farmers have already benefited from land reform and agricultural projects in both Barrydale and Swellendam. Minister Fransman has also implemented a food security project in Suurbraak which is part of the Barrydale ward. The people see this things. They feel that real change is happening.

"In contrast the DA is taking out a negative message and has nothing to offer people. They are a minority in the Swellendam Council and cannot influence delivery. People realize that is the ANC which is able to assist and implement development. In fact the DA are still red- faced at the fact that their candidate Mrs Charlie Fourie could not find the hall where a DA meeting was being held in the historically coloured section of Swellendam.

"As for the the PAC they are even more dead in Swellendam than in the rest of South Africa. Last night three people attended their meeting immediately after the ANC meeting which attracted 300 voters.

"Today the ANC is busy meeting voters and making final plans. A win in Barrydale and an improved performance in Swellendam is in sight.

For further enquiries contact:
Cameron Dugmore, ANC PEC Co-ordinator for the Overberg Region: 082-894-7553.

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape