Minister Ramatlakane visits the victims of road rage

Minister Ramatlakane visits the victims of road rage

4 February 2002

Following on a visit this morning by Minister Ramatlakane to Mark Walden and Mark Combrinck, Minister Ramatlakane said, "I appeal to the witnesses who were present in the vehicle of the attacker to come forward and assist the police in bringing the perpetrator to book."

"Road rage is unacceptable in a society values all life. All violent crime must be stopped. Our roads must be safe too. Respect, obedience to the rules of the road and patience are essential when we drive.

Minister Ramatlakane said "I urge Capetonians to be civil on the road and not to take the law into their own hands. We cannot allow people to meet out justice at their own discretion. We have a constitution and courts whose functions it is to deliver justice. Nobody will be allowed to act as if they are above the law."

The Minister also referred to the Eadie case of road rage in 2000, when our courts sentenced the perpetrator in this matter to an effective 10 years imprisonment. Minister Ramatlakane said "Our courts have taken a tough stand on this issue and we will therefore be urging our courts to take similar action in this matter when the alleged criminal is apprehended".

Minister Ramatlakane called on communities and road users to report incidents of bad road conduct to the traffic authorities, he said "There is a 24 hour number for people to call and report these matters, namely (021) 946 1646.

The Minister said,"Respect and tolerance must become the basic tenant of all road users. Nobody is more influential on the road than other road users. I therefore call on all motorists to adhere to traffic rules and to conduct themselves with dignity and mutual respect on our roads.

"I once again call on the witnesses in this matter to please come forward. As Capetonians what kind of message are we sending out when we protect criminals who should be behind bars? We all have the responsibility of making sure that justice is seen to be done for all in this case."

For further information call Minister Ramatlakane on 082 896 3946

Issued by African National Congress - Western Cape