Ebrahim Rasool on DA funding scandal

Ebrahim Rasool on DA funding scandal

16 April 2002

Ebrahim Rasool, the provincial chairman of the ANC today called for the resignation of Gerald Morkel, as Cape Town Unicity Mayor, following media allegations that he and his party, the Democratic Alliance, took funds from fugitive German businessman Jurgen Harksen.

"Morkel must resign or be fired. The city is entitled to question the motives of a political leader who accepts money from a fugitive of justice. If he honestly doesn`t know where funds of over R500 000 came from, then he is too incompetent to be the mayor of this city." Mr Rasool said.

Mr Rasool also called on the Desai Commission of Inquiry to include the latest allegations into its probe.

He said: "These allegations fall within the ambit of the commission. The commission is looking into all the activities of the former Premier and Director General. The allegations that have now surfaced must therefore be probed as they are reported to have happened during the time when they were in office".

Mr Rasool also criticised the Democratic Alliance, which preaches morality on one hand but closes its eyes and ears when wrongs happen within its own ranks.

"All their moral lectures about corruption are just noise to cover up the DA`s many internal problems. We wait to see what Tony Leon and his party are going to do about Gerald Morkel and the others implicated in this latest scandal." Mr Rasool said.

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Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape