ANC calls for Morkel`s resignation

ANC calls for Morkel`s resignation

15 April 2002

The ANC Caucus today has called for Mayor Morkel to resign due to his inappropriate relationship with Mr J Harksen.

The following letter signed by the ANC`s Chief Whip and Exco Councilors was delivered to Mr Morkel`s office today. If his resignation is not forthcoming by 12 noon on Wednesday, 17 April 2002, the ANC will seek support from other parties in removing Mr Morkel from office in terms of the relevant legislation.


To : The Mayor, Alderman G Morkel
From : The Chief Whip of the ANC

The ANC caucus is disturbed by the media reports linking yourself to MR J Harksen and the negative impact your inappropriate relationship is having on the Council and the city.

Clearly, you have disgraced Cape Town and it’s people by your action irrespective of whether you have been naïve or you have gained personally from the relationship or not. We therefore call on you to resign with immediate effect

If your resignation is not forthcoming by 12h00 noon on Wednesday, 17 April, we shall call for an urgent council meeting to introduce a notice of intention for your removal as Mayor in terms of Section 53 (1) of the Municipal Structures act of 1998.

PJ Gabriel
ANC Chief Whip

Cllr D Landingwe,
Cllr S Mowzer,
Cllr T Mlanjeni

For further information contact:
Peter J Gabriel - 083 6290 883
Saleem Mowzer - 082 8068 135
Danile Landingwe - 082 8060 084
Thozama Mlanjeni - 082 8060 081
Leslie Recontre - 083 6296 966

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape