ANC rejects DA`s allegations of reign of terror

ANC rejects DA`s allegations of reign of terror

23 April 2002

The ANC Western Cape rejects with utter contempt the inflammatory accusations by the DA`s Helen Zille that we are spearheading a campaign of violent intimidation against political opponents in the townships.

In fact some of the allegations are of such a nature that we will consult our lawyers on whether it does not constitute defamation against the organisation and its leaders.

Said ANC Provincial Secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha: "These highly inflammatory and unsubstantiated allegations are typical of the way Zille has been behaving.

"Ever since Ms Zille has entered the political fray, opportunistically sneaking into the townships, she was quick to exploit concerns and grievances in our communities.

"Some of her opportunism has been based on unreal grievances, typically of a desperate party trying to build a base. This is part of the DA`s narrow-minded political strategy to gain votes.

"And so the question has to be asked ­ is the DA really concerned about the grievances of the communities, or is it all about scoring short-term propaganda points and political posturing.

"Zille, working together with disgruntled and destructive elements in the communities, whips up emotions of poor people and then retreat to her ivory towers, not worried about the consequences of leaving behind a bitter and divided community.

"Some of the elements she colludes with are people whose only ambitions are to be councillors, failing which they destroy whatever good the organisation has been trying to build for years in the communities.

"The ANC and its Councillors has been instrumental in bringing hope to the township communities in the face of unprecedented social challenges.

"The ANC is the voice and hope of the poor and delivers to all. We reiterate our policy that the ANC cannot condone any acts of murder, political intimidation or violence by anyone including its members.

"Where there were instances of conflict, the Leadership of the ANC had always intervened, for example in the case of Ms Makeleni. It is simply a blatant lie that the ANC had destroyed her home. In fact it was ANC Councillor Xolile Gophe who intervened to make sure that destruction of property does not take place.

"And so the ANC has been consistent in playing down and diffusing conflict where ever it occurred.

"In the case of Sunday`s shooting (in Crossroads where one person was killed) the police are investigating and we await the outcome. Our information though is contrary to what Zille and the DA claim.

"Ms Zille furthermore makes serious allegations against the SA Police Services. She is clearly very hypocritical because some of her allegations against police members date back to the time when Hennie Bester was the minister.

"The ANC will continue to challenge the hypocritical and narrow-minded political strategy of Ms Zille and the DA.

"The ANC will not be derailed by the inflammatory allegations of the DA. Instead we will continue with our programme of Reconstruction and Development, like we are doing this week when hundreds of Volunteers are assisting clinics, hospitals and aids projects throughout the province as part of the ANC`s Letsema focus on Health this month."

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape

For further enquiries contact:
Provincial Secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha or Media Officer Gert Witbooi 082-570-9118.