DA makes deal with Prince and Donson

DA makes deal with Prince and Donson

16 August 2006

The DA is to put Truman Prince and Jeffrey Donson back into power.

The DA and ICOSA, led by Prince and Donson, have agreed to work together in Kannaland.

Prince, an ICOSA councillor in the Beaufort West Municipality, was removed as municipal manager of the Central Karoo District Municipality by the ANC after he paid himself a performance bonus of nearly R50 000 and used the mayoral fund to pay bail for a friend who was found guilty of armed robbery. He was also shown on television making sexual advances to under-age girls, being rude and grossly insulted staff at a restaurant and being abusive towards SABC staff.

Prince was later expelled from the ANC.

The ANC removed Donson from the position of mayor in the Kannaland Municipality after the Dekker Commission established that he ignored municipal legislation in the sale of the Assegaaibosch Game-farm and used municipal funds for his own purposes. Donson, currently an ICOSA councillor in Kannaland, appeared in the Ladismith Magistrate’s Court last week and will stand trial on various charges including sexual assault, attempted rape and rape of a minor.

"It is interesting to note that it is the same DA that called continuously for the removal of both Prince and Donson from public office, is willing to work with the people the public and the ANC found unsuitable for public office," Max Ozinsky, ANC Provincial Deputy Secretary said.

"The ANC removed both Donson and Prince because they were an embarrassment to the ANC and the councils they lead. The DA is rescuing them from the gutter and will be smeared with their filth," Ozinsky added.

The DA, whose provincial leader, Theuns Botha said publicly that the DA "can’t be party to putting Prince back in power" and predicted then that Prince, who is key during the negotiation process, "and his cronies will disappear off the scene within the next two years", have teamed-up with ICOSA in Kannaland when they voted for a municipal manager that was not suitably qualified. They also forced an urgent council meeting, scheduled for tomorrow, to reconstitute the council.

"When we decided to work with the DA to keep ICOSA out in municipalities where we had no other choice, we were convinced that it was because both parties were both committed to stable and clean governance. The latest happenings are a clear indication that the DA is more interested in power, no matter the price or the cost," Ozinsky concluded.

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Issued by ANC Western Cape