DA backtracks on Sub-Council Boundaries

DA backtracks on Sub-Council Boundaries

17 August 2006

The DA-controlled city council has acknowledged that the ANC was correct in condemning the sub-council boundaries and the process of the adoption of these boundaries.

In a small notice hidden in a daily newspaper, the City conceded that it was an "omission of the municipal council itself (not) to consider… comments prior to passing the Cape Town Sub-Council Amendment By-Law 2006".

"The fact that the city of Cape Town seeks to repeal and re-enact the sub-council amendment by-law means that Zille and her coalition partners have realised that the ANC and other bodies were correct when they said that the sub-councils make no geographical sense, are divisive and based upon old apartheid racial boundaries," Max Ozinsky, ANC provincial deputy secretary said.

Both the MEC for Local Government and Housing and the Chairperson of the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) Vuyo Mlokoti complaint about the boundaries with the latter noticing that "some sub-council areas create pockets of poverty" while others appeared "to be along racial lines".

After the council meeting during which the by-law was passed, the ANC pointed out that the correct procedure was not followed but the council ignored the objection and wasted thousands of rands when they went ahead and established the sub-councils despite the objections from the ANC and the MDB.

According to the DA`s proposals township dwellers are crammed together into five large all-black ghettoes as a deliberate attempt to segregate (and not integrate) increasingly overlapping historically Coloured and African areas.

Said Ozinsky: "The truth is that the DA is not the liberal party that believes in equality for everyone and racial harmony. They believe in divide and rule and separate development just like Verwoerd. The Helen Zille of today is the Helen Zille who believes in group areas, who believes in separating people and who will even defend blatant racism."

The ANC is committed to the creation of a non-racial, non-sexist and equitable society in which all enjoy equal rights and enjoy a better life.

For more information and/or comment, please do not hesitate to contact Max Ozinsky, ANC provincial deputy secretary on 082 414 7147.

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