DA`s never-ending sleaze

DA`s never-ending sleaze

20 August 2006

After a weekend newspaper called the DA’s bluff, they decided to take the nation in its confidence and admitted that they have received money from the late Brett Kebble.

When Kebble announced that he donated money to the ANC in 2004, the DA pretended to be holy cows. Tony Leon, Douglas Gibson and Theuns Botha have attacked the ANC ever since the ANC accepted money from Kebble, the same man who gave them nearly R2 million at the same time.

On the 6th of August, in a media statement, Douglas Gibson called on the ANC “to come clean” and that the ANC must pay back the money received from Kebble. Two days thereafter, during a sitting of the provincial legislature, Theuns Botha, the DA’s provincial leader, argued that “money was stolen from shareholders to make a donation to the ANC” and that the matter should be investigated. Never did they say that they also received money from Kebble.

“The ANC is convinced that the DA deliberately misled the public by denying the donations and by pretending that it was only the ANC who received money from Kebble. They owe the nation an apology for this deceit,” Max Ozinsky, ANC provincial deputy secretary said.

“These hypocrites will stop at nothing to present a positive image of themselves despite the true facts. They should think careful before they sweep at the ANC’s door and take the moral high ground on matters of public impropriety as they regularly attack the ANC even when they have done the very same thing they accused the ANC of doing wrong,” Ozinsky added.

Last week the DA cooperated with Truman Prince “and his cronies” to take control of the Kannaland Municipality after they promised shortly after the local government election that they will not to put ICOSA into power. According to the agreement between ICOSA and the DA, Jeffery Donson will become the mayor of the Kannaland Municipality after two years.

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