ANC WC meet UDM to defuse tensions in Samora Machel

ANC WC meet UDM to defuse tensions in Samora Machel

11 October 2001

The ANC Provincial Leadership, at the initiative of its Provincial Secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha, met with the leadership of the UDM this afternoon (Thursday 11 October 2001) after the killing of a member of the UDM in Samora Machel last night.

Said Mr Skwatsha: "We called the meeting to try and defuse the tensions in the area that led to the killing of the UDM member.

"We also put it to the UDM that their accusations they make against the ANC, even before a proper investigation has begun and evidence produced, is not helpful.

"They have informed us that their local members did not want to meet with us, but rather with our national leadership.

"Nevertheless, we have agreed with the UDM leadership to meet with one another whenever there is a need to.

"As the ANC we are concerned with the loss of life of anyone, especially we as an African community who have been suffering under a regime who has been dividing and ruling us all these years.

"Now is not the time to stoke the emotions but rather our people must remain calm. Anyone who has information about the killing must assist the police in the investigations and the law must take its course."

Issued by:
ANC Western Cape Communications