Current status of ANC Western Cape response to NNP withdrawal from DA

Current status of ANC Western Cape response to NNP withdrawal from DA

30 October 2001

ANC Western Cape Provincial Chairperson Ebrahim Rasool comments as follows on this issue:

"ANC discussions on the changing nature of politics after the collapse of the DA are being guided by our National leadership. Western Cape leadership is part of these discussions and the unfolding processes.

"No hasty decisions will be made. We must avoid at all costs falling into the same traps as the DA. We are the biggest party with the most support in the Western Cape, but we will not go into government in the Western Cape, unless our commitment to government based on sound political principles and the transformation of our country and our Province can be implemented.

"Haggling over positions is not our agenda. The ANC’s agenda is stable and good governance in this Province. Our agenda is efficient and effective social delivery, free from corruption and mismanagement and an unwavering commitment to the needs of the poor. This is about people and the poor, not power and positions.

"The ANC Western Cape Conference of this weekend called on the leadership to establish a mechanism to ensure that the political space presented by the death of the DA is used for the best effect. We must ensure that the people of the Western Cape have a government committed to real transformation and a fuller democracy."

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