Minister of Community Safety welcomes new Municipal police, but cautions "our work is cut out for us!"

Minister of Community Safety welcomes new Municipal police, but cautions "our work is cut out for us!"

13 December 2001

I warmly welcome each of our new Municipal Policewomen and men who graduate today. They will play a vital role with the SAPS, our CPF’s and Neighbourhood watches and our communities in the partnership against crime in Cape Town. Our job is cut out for us. But together we can, must and will defeat this common enemy.

The key words for all of us must be ‘Partnership’ and ‘Responsibility’. If we do not work together, combining our resources, skills and interests and accepting responsibility for each other and the safety of our communities, we will never defeat crime. Community awareness will guarantee that we win.

The ANC included Municipal Police in the National Constitution to ensure the safety and security of all people. Durban and Johannesburg have already seen the benefits; now Cape Town will also have greater capacity to address this struggle. The 340 Municipal Police who join the struggle on Friday will take forward our vision of a free, equal, safe and just society.

Municipal Policing is the responsibility of Local Authorities, but it is in the interest of all of us that there is an equal and strategic deployment of resources. Our focus right now at the height of the Festive Season has been shockingly turned to violent crime against children and women. The Festive Season is uniquely focused on children; we must keep it a safe, happy and magical time. Let us give our children the freedom to be children again.

The recent violent acts against South Africa’s first post-apartheid children must be stopped. My central message during this holiday season is Hands off our children! - Your child is my child! The Municipal Police must play an important role in the national concentration on the safety of all children and especially young girls. This horrific focus must surely unite us all and force us to take responsibility for one another and especially all our children.

These first Municipal Policewomen and men carry a special responsibility. They will be the frontline in winning Cape Town’s trust in the new Municipal Police and in supporting the SAPS in beating crime in our city. We must support them strongly and stand united in a real partnership against all crime.

Issued by:
African National Congress Western Cape

Leonard Ramatlakane MPL Provincial Minister of Community Safety