Minister calls for parents to join partnership against crime

Minister calls for parents to join partnership against crime

13 December 2001

"We are all here to kick start the special Provincial Crime Prevention Operation. The launch of this Operation does not mean that this is the first time the police have gotten down to the hard work of crime fighting. This operation is simply an intensification with a festive season focus. This important initiative combines the different components of the SAPS, the SANDF and Traffic Departments in a partnership that will hit hard at crime throughout the Province during the festive season.

"1000 security officers kick off the operation this morning. Their work is definitely cut out for them. It is the responsibility of the state security apparatus to defend and protect our citizens. But, if the operation is to succeed, we need to support these brave South Africans in the forefront of the struggle against crime. Tangible, meaningful support from the millions more citizens of this Province, every single one of us, is essential. We must have a Province wide partnership against crime.

"This partnership must be based on trust and mutual respect between all role players. We all know that we have a society sickened by years of dehumanization. No healthy society would violate the rights of their children as we have seen in recent times. The partnership we need must especially involve all people of faith in a moral renewal. Every sermon every Sunday from now on must help rebuild this broken society. Let’s create safe zones in our communities for everyone, but especially our children.

"The SAPS will be working closely with our communities during this operation. It is of paramount importance that the SAPS win the trust of all citizens. Unity will bring results.

"I call on every person who lives in this beautiful Province and every valued visitor to be security conscious at all times. Be alert. Monitor your environment. Keep your property safe. We must all be prepared and united as citizens to beat the scourge of crime.

"The festive season has a special place in the hearts of our children. We must love them. We must not allow that special place to be spoilt. Parents, during this holiday season, I ask you to know at all times where your child is. Our security apparatus and our people must work flat out to keep us all safe and especially our children and young girls. But parents are the real frontline of defence for our children. Let us do all we can to prevent the injury, abuse and or loss of any more children, especially at this time. Your child is my child. We must give our children the full freedom they deserve in a non-racist, non-sexist, stable and united democracy. Hands off our children!"

Leonard Ramatlakane MPL
Provincial Minister of Community Safety

Issued by:
African National Congress Western Cape