<html> <head> <title>Election Update Number 1

Election Update Number 1

Election Update Number 1

10 October 2000

  1. ANC says announcement of election date gives hope for peaceful elections in South Africa and Western Cape

The ANC in the Western Cape today welcomed the announcement of the election date which has now been set for 5 December 2000. Mr Ebrahim Rasool said:

"We are ready for December 5th. Despite initial frustrations at the postponement, we believe it was important that our National Minister engage with traditional leaders to allay their fears and concerns.

"We have worked very hard to register our supporters and, like last year, have managed to win the all important registration battle. The launch of our election manifesto in Beaufort West this weekend, reports from our canvassers in the field indicate that the swing to the ANC in the Western Cape is continuing.

"Our commitment to provide a certain amount of free water and electricity to poor residents in ANC councils, and our determination to fight poverty has been very well received at grassroots level.

"We go into this election with the best plan, the most non - racial, inclusive and competent team of candidates and feel that the ANC has the most to offer all voters in the province " added Mr Rasool.

  1. ANC to run briefing sessions for all rural and unicity provisional candidates this week

The ANC will be putting its provisional candidates through their paces at training sessions this week. Rural candidates will be trained in Worcester tomorrow while unicity candidates will be trained in Cape Town on Thursday

  1. ANC National expected to announce final ward, list and mayoral candidates soon

It is expected that the ANC National Working Committee will announce all candidates, including those for the Western Cape this week.

Such announcement will include the mayoral candidate for the unicity as well as Chairperson and Mayoral candidates for the five District Councils and the 23 category B Municipalities in the Province.

  1. The ANC will be involved in a number of activities this week:
  • Stop the killings placard demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in Cape Town on Thursday at 13h00
  • Celebration of ANC delivery in Sir Lowry`s Pass together with Minister Sankie Mtembi Mahanyele and Councillor John Britz
  • Housing Meeting in Steenberg Cove at 19h00 in the community near St Helena, West Coast Peninsula
  • Housing meeting in Sunbird Park, Blue Downs at 19h00 to address issues of evictions, poor service delivery and cutting of water by Oostenberg Municipality
  • ANC members will join the CPF (Community Police Forum) in Blue Downs and Minister Ronnie Kasrils, Working for water programme in a clean-up of alien vegetation in Blue Downs to make community safer
  1. ANC says Morkel`s sudden concern for Muslim voters and election date shallow and cynical

Ebrahim Rasool confirmed that the ANC had been in consultation with Muslim leaders about the election date and its possible impact on Ramadaan. He said:

"Morkel`s sudden concern is a very hollow one. Ramadaan is not a retreat.

"Muslims continue to go to work and in fact are involved in many activities focussing on the poor during this month. The very first battle which Muslims fought was during the month of Ramadaan.

"Morkel`s statement has more to do with his concern at growing Muslim support for the ANC than any genuine motivation."

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