ANC deplores health super posts

ANC deplores health super posts

5 October 2000

The ANC deplores the announcement by the Department of Health of Transformation 2000.

This plan comes at a time when as a province we can ill afford to waste resources on more senior management posts. The Democratic Alliance cabinet in this province has completely ignored the principles of democracy.

In order to merely comply with legislation on the appropriate ratio of black senior managers, they have simply created additional posts. This is a farce.

It is a misguided attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate with the local government elections coming up. The flagrant misuse of the public purse in this manner must be deplored in the strongest terms.

The money used for the creation of these posts could certainly have been used to provide much needed services to the people of this province.

There had also been absolutely no consultation process embarked upon in the creation of these super posts.

The MEC for Health, Nic Koornhof, has attempted to deflect the criticism away from him by saying that the creation of these posts was a decision taken by the province. The ANC says that as part of the Democratic Alliance, the provincial premier and his cabinet have been misguided and are misleading the electorate.

The provision of essential services is far more important to the ANC than having a few fat cats is senior posts. People will die because of the decisions that the Democratic Alliance takes. With people being turned away from clinics and hospitals because of lack of funds, it is criminal to create these super posts. There can be no justification for this wastage.

For further comment, contact Tasneem Essop, Member of the Provincial Legislature: 082-420-2291.

For any media enquiries, contact Cameron Dugmore: 082-894-7553.

Issued by African National Congress Western Cape