ANC to step up the fight for water for the poor

ANC to step up the fight for water for the poor

27 September 2000

ANC Western Cape Deputy Secretary Marius Fransman, MPL, today visited a poor community in Darling and vowed that the ANC will put pressure on the NNP/DP to force them to provide water to poor communities throughout the province.

This comes after the communities from Darling in the West Coast and the Oostenberg have been severely affected by the cutting of water supplies.

In Darling more than 200 households with about 1,000 people are affected by the policy of the NNP/DP Council to cut off water. This has been going on for about three months now.

Mr Fransman, who was escorted by local ANC Councilor Peter Williams, visited ten households to hear from them how the cutting of water supply has affected them and their children.

He then had a meeting with the Town Clerk who was sympathetic to the views of the ANC and undertook to put the case of the people to a full council sitting tomorrow evening (Thursday 27 September).

Said Mr Fransman: "The cutting of water is a health risk to the children and elderly, and is immoral.

"The council says these people do not pay, but how can they if there is no income whatsoever, with four to six people living in a house?

"People in the area complained to me that council spends hundreds of rands on flower shows every year. It is clear people are being treated insensitively without prior warnings being sent to them.

"We believe that government and council should provide at least 6 kilolitres of water free of charge to the poorest of the poor. We will continue to put pressure on the NNP/DP to provide water to people," said Mr Fransman.

For further comment contact Marius Fransman: 083-693-2790

Issued by African National Congress Western Cape