ANC expresses horror that Minister Peter Marais continued receiving a Minister`s salary after being sacked!

ANC expresses horror that Minister Peter Marais continued receiving a Minister`s salary after being sacked!

24 August 2000

It was revealed in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament on Tuesday 22 August, in reply to a question posed by Tasneem Essop (ANC MPL), that Minister Peter Marais, had been receiving a Minister`s salary after he had been removed from the Provincial Cabinet on 14 February this year.

In his response to the question, Minister Herandien indicated that the overpayment had amounted to approximately R42 000.00 and was due to an "administrative oversight" Commenting on this ANC Spokesperson on Finance in the Legislature Tasneem Essop said: "I am horrified that such an "oversight" could have occurred. Surely the Minister himself should have been aware that his salary was not adjusted when he received his salary slip.

"You can`t call something an administrative oversight for 6 months! The question begs to be asked "Would this state of affairs have continued if the ANC had not posed a question about it? "We now need to know whether other Ministers` who have been removed from Cabinet has had their salaries adjusted, like the former Minister Freda Adams and Mark Wiley? "Minister Herandien indicated that the monies would be recovered in terms of Treasury Regulations "what does this mean in simple terms" could it be that the Minister could pay back R100.00 a month for the next 420 months? "Will there be any action taken against any individual who negligently allowed this "oversight" to have taken place for a period of over 6 months? "Since there have been so many changes of positions in the Provincial Parliament over the past few months, both in Cabinet and Committee Chairs positions, the ANC would call for an investigation into salary adjustments being efficiently effected," said Ms Essop. When the Premier unilaterally sacked Tasneem Essop as chairperson of the Public Accounts Standing Committee earlier this year, her salary ws adjusted downwards the very next morning.

Despite her sacking by Morkel, Tasneem Essop was scarcely one week later unanimously elected as Chairperson of the National Association of Public Accounts Committees.

The ANC believes that different standards are applied to MP`s depending on what party they come from. We have thus decided to call on the Speaker to investigate why this happened and why Mr Marais was treated differently.

The ANC has also insisted that Mr Marais explain why he kept quiet when he continued to receive an extra R8,000.00 every month when he clearly knew that he was not entitled to this extra cash. The sleaze of this provincial government continues to characterize governance at no 7 Wale Street.

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