The intervention by Mr Bantu Holomisa in the transport violence

The intervention by Mr Bantu Holomisa in the transport violence

1 August 2000

The ANC in the Western Cape is very concerned about the role played by the leader of the UDM, Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP, in the ongoing transport violence in the Western Cape. This is a conflict that needs no oil on the fire. On the contrary we need to put out the fire.

We are disturbed that Mr Holomisa, at a meeting last week at a Khayelitsha taxi rank made such an inflammatory speech against the ANC that it almost created violence amongst taxi operators, and divided them on party political lines. This is a recipe which will deepen the violence, and then Mr Holomisa must shoulder the responsibility.

The immediate priority must be to bring peace to our communities, not to seek political gain. We share the concern of the taxis that their grievances must be addressed. But we cannot address them in an atmosphere of violence and killing.

We urge the taxi operators not to be whipped up by Mr Holomisa┬╣s rhetoric. They will all be the losers in an all out war. We support a stable transport industry in which taxis take their rightful place within the integrated transport system, but then the majority of taxi operators, whom we believe to be peaceful, must not be given a negative image by the few who perpetrate violence. All taxi operators must reject violence and intimidation and embrace peace and unity.

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Issued by African National Congress Western Cape