Statement by Ebrahim Rasool on the reasons given for the resignation of Mark Wiley

Statement by Ebrahim Rasool on the reasons given for the resignation of Mark Wiley

27 July 2000

"The attempt by the NNP-DP Coalition to cover up the reasons for Mark Wiley¹s resignation is nothing but a scam. It insults people¹s intelligence and is offensive to the victims of crime in this Province.

"Everyone in the Legislature knows that Wiley resigned because Premier Morkel buckled under DP pressure to give The Safety and Security Portfolio to Hennie Bester. Even an ultimatum by Mark Wiley to Morkel failed and so Wiley resigned. Wiley refused to accept the Health portfolio.

"Premier Morkel says he understands the reasons for Mark Wiley going, and that Wiley goes with his blessing. If Morkel indeed shares with Mark Wiley his sense of failure and his so-called frustration with the national government, then I challenge the Premier to do the logical thing and not appoint a Minister for Safety and Security in the Western Cape. If their spin doctors are to be believed, such an appointment in the Western Cape is a waste of taxpayers` money.

"Also, the people of this Province have the right to stability in the fight against crime. They must know that their Minister is committed to this fight and that he takes responsibility. Under the NNP-DP Coalition, however, they have seen the Western Cape become the crime capital of South Africa, the target for urban terrorists, and the place where taxi violence has been allowed to drag on and on.

"It would be comical to witness this ineffective and unstable government, had it not had such tragic consequences for our Province. The ANC is sad that while they fiddle around people go to our Airport feeling insecure, Khayelitsha and Nyanga commuters face death and injury, Coloured and African businesspeople migrate to greener pastures in other Provinces, the gap between rich and poor grows, farm workers are abused, and racism is rife in the Western Cape Province.

"This Province needs effectiveness and stability. Sadly, the NNP and the DP have neither the will nor the talent to provide this."

Issued by African National Congress Western Cape

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