ANC determined that wood must be removed from SPM Council - challenges Leon to act against Zille`s racism

ANC determined that wood must be removed from SPM Council - challenges Leon to act against Zille`s racism

26 July 2000

ANC Provincial Leader Ebrahim Rasool condemned the South Peninsula Municipality and the Democratic Party for not showing enough political will to ensure that Yvonne Wood is removed from council.

Mr Rasool, having heard that the SPM and DP do not intend taking any further steps to dismiss her as a councillor, has asked the ANC councillors to move an urgent motion calling for her suspension without pay, pending an investigation into whether her alleged comments provide a basis, in terms of the constitution and Local Government Legislation, for the SPM to approach the High Court for her dismissal.

Said Mr Rasool: "Tony Leon is misleading the public when he says the DP took 24 hours to act against Wood. For over two months Mr McKay had petitioned the council on which three DP councillors served and had distributed over 4000 pamphlets in Tokai. The DP knew this and did nothing.

"That is why we have said that her alleged comments mirror the real DP. That is why Hernus Kriel and Tertius Delport have taken to the DP like ducks to water - the DP makes conservatives and racists feel at home and comfortable. How else did the DP get the votes of conservative whites last year?

"I challenge Tony Leon to now act in 24 hours against Helen Zille who, speaking in the provincial legislature on 20 October 1999 (Hansard, pg 597) and referring to black women MP`s in the National Assembly said "They take up space there, earn a salary, eat a big lunch, pack in some "padkos" and drive off...."

"Helen Zille has taken the racist dinner table talk of some into the legislature and the DP has been silent. This characterization of black women MP`s in this manner, is as racist as saying that the mouths of coloureds are filthy and that they breed like rabbits. Does Mr Leon have the guts to fight back against Helen Zille?

"The DP cannot accept Mrs Wood`s resignation from the party and say nothing about the fact that she continues to draw a full councillor allowance. Tokai residents who abhor her behaviour continue to be lumped with a councillor who has disgraced her community. This is not fair on those in Tokai who want non-racialism and want to work together for the rest of our province."

Issued by African National Congress Western Cape

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