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Cameron Dugmore, head of ANC Western Cape Communications on the DP Councillora`s racist remarks

22 July 2000

This is the real DP. Whatever their spin doctors may say, the DP attracts racists and conservatives because they are made to feel at home. Why else have people like Hernus Kriel and Tertius Delport taken to the DP like ducks to water?

Mrs Yvonne Wood is typical of the DP - always supporting the NIMBY`s (not in my back yard ), always fuelling white fears with campaigns not based on fact (rates campaign), always defending privilege - they are disgusting.

Mrs Woods is a living symbol of those who want to "fight back". The space for this racism is created when people like Helen Zille get away with saying (in the legislature) that ANC black women MP`s add no value because they simply attend workshops so that they can take "padkos" home afterwards.

That is why former DP MP Dr Mbulawa left the party saying that when the liberal veneer is removed all that is left is a party with an absolute commitment to defend white privilege. Mrs Woods must be fired if the DP wants to even keep up a pretence of liberalism.

The ANC calls on the NNP to support our call for dismissal and demand a full apology from their coalition partner. It is clear that coloured people and all those committed to non-racialism have no place in the DP.

For any media enquiries, contact Cameron Dugmore: 082-570-9118.

These are the alleged statements by Mrs Wood made during a telephone conversation with a "Kirstenhof resident asking for advice". (As per Weekend Argus reports) She has not denied the reports.

"Unfortunately, with them, their mouths are filthy."

"It`s going to take, I believe, another century - it won`t be in my lifetime - by the time these people maybe even start to behave themselves." "It`s the new world. It`s not actually a happy situation, but we`re stuck with it."

"It`s going to be forever and a day, because they are in the majority."

"I`m quite a volatile person. I don`t shut up."

"I know I sometimes go overboard, but I do get very irritated with the whole situation."

"I`m quite a new councillor. I, unfortunately. (When) they (her fellow councillors) are shouting the odds about `leafy suburbs`, I`m saying: `Excuse me, but we have worked very hard for what we have! Nothing was given to us.

"I would be the very first one to say: `Now listen. This is not on. You want to live in the are ... you want to be part and parcel of the in-crowd? (Then) you behave yourself accordingly.`"

"We`re told all the time - you have to be careful what you say."

"We`ve all become absolutely complacent (because) we know that any kind of remark you might make is seen to be based on racial overtones. God!" "You can be in lots of trouble!"