ANC says PAC is lying about defections

ANC says PAC is lying about defections

20 July 2000

Statement from Shaun Buyneveldt, ANC MPL and Chairperson of the Eerste River

The PAC and Patricia De Lille are liars. The PAC are charged before the people of Blue Downs with 5 counts of lying.

Charge One: Last week they claimed that 1000 ANC members from the Blue Downs area walked over to the PAC. Up until today they have not provided the names of these 1000 people. The ANC does not even have 1000 members in Blue Downs.

The PAC are liars.

Charge two: Yesterday she claimed that 39 members from the Eerste River Branch had walked over. Yet again she did not provide these names. Not a single member of the ANC Eerste River Branch has walked over to the PAC.

The PAC are liars.

Charge Three: Yesterday she claimed that two ANC branches will walk over to the PAC. Here are the branch exec members of our 8 launched branches and the interim committees of our two unlaunched branches. Do they look like they are walking over?

The PAC are liars.

Charge four: The PAC claimed that Mr Wikkie De Wee is the assistant secretary of the ANC Eeerste River and that he has defected to the PAC. The assistant secretary of the ANC in Eerste River is Melvyn De Bruyn and Mr De Wee is unknown to the ANC.

The PAC are liars

Charge 5: The PAC claim that the ANC is ignoring the issues confronting the people of Blue Downs such as the cutting of water by the DA controlled Oostenberg Council.

The ANC is at the forefront of the campaign to stop the cutting of water. While the ANC is supporting the Masakhane campaign, we believe that the indigent policy of Oostenberg does not help the poor. We can never support the cutting of water without even leaving a drip system in place. The ANC`s constituency office in Blue Downs has been actively taking up issues of bank repossessions. On a daily basis our members are negotiating with banks and trying to assist.

Once again the PAC are liars.

The ANC is angry at the diversion created by the the PAC. We are very serious about building a better life for the people of Blue Downs. We are very serious about building solidarity between the coloured and african people of our community. And we are very serious about defeating the Democratic Alliance in the local government elections. We are not fighting the PAC. We are fighting for those who have no homes, who are unemployed and who are being evicted. The poorest of the poor.

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Issued by African National Congress Western Cape

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