Kriel`s logical resting place is with the party of the white right

Kriel`s logical resting place is with the party of the white right

14 June 2000

It comes as no surprise to the ANC that Hernus Kriel has been actively recruited and welcomed with open arms by the DP.

Only an internal fight within the DP about whether to accept him or not, delayed what was being whispered in the corridors over the last months.

Tony Leon`s DP has become a haven for apartheid relics and those who just simply cannot stomach the need for fundamental transformation in our country.

Kriel`s call on Marthinus van Schalkwyk to also join the DP does not surprise given that Kriel, while in the NNP, was always part of the broederbond cabal who ultimately saw their future in a white alliance.

Kriel`s role as kingmaker in the election of Gerald Morkel as Premier will no doubt be used by the DP as they pursue their campaign to raid the NNP`s remaining conservative white base who support Morkel. It is only a matter of time before Kriel calls on Gerald Morkel to join the DP.

Commenting on the this, ANC Western Cape Leader Ebrahim Rasool said:

"I want to make a special appeal to the liberal community of Cape Town.

"It include those who worked with us in the ECC, the Five Freedoms Forum, the Black Sash and marched with us to unban the ANC, but who may have voted for opposition parties on June 2.

"It is this same DP which has become the home of the white right, which played a key role in keeping the ANC out of the provincial government.

"Instead at considering what government would have best served our province, they chose to further divide the Western Cape, between the haves and the have-nots, between black and white, between African and Coloured.

"We heard your voices of concern after June 2 last year.

"We call on you to break from the party which has simply become the champion of white opposition. We call on you to make your voices heard."

Issued by ANC Western Cape Communications Dept.

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