ANC Western Cape News Update 30/4/2000

ANC Western Cape News Update 30/4/2000

30 April 2000

(1) ANC branches organise wreath laying ceremony and memorial service for Bianca Goss and and Amelia Jansen, Elsies River murder victims.

The ANC branches in Elsies River and Uitsig/Ravensmead have today organised a wreath laying ceremony for Bianca Goss and Amelia Jansen opposite 27 Connaught Road, Uitsig. Main Speaker will be Sean Byneveldt, ANC`s spokesperson on community safety in the provincial legislature.

The ANC is deeply concerned at the ongoing violence on the Cape Flats much of which is gang related. ANC leader Ebrahim Rasool said: "By not having a plan or the political will to detail with gang violence on the Cape Flats, the coalition government has made the W.Cape the violence capital of South Africa. The reality is that deaths on the flats are not taken as seriously as deaths in the more affluent communities.Resources remain skewed in favour of historically white communities. We have to accept to that security is indivisible. Unless those on the Cape Flats feel safe in their homes and streets, none of us can enjoy real safety.

The coalition is not able to effectively work with communities at grassroots level and develop a plan to deal with gangsterism:

  • The memorial service will take place on Tuesday night, 2 May, at 18h00 at the Uitsig Secondary School, Jacaranda Avenue, Uitsig.

For futher details contact Jack Ferris on 083 368 9296

(2) ANC condemns attempted murder of Albertinia farm worker as campaign to highlight racism and human rights abuses on farms begins Provincial ANC leader Ebrahim Rasool announced on Freedom day that the ANC`s campaign against racism in the Western Cape would focus on the plight of farm workers during the month of May. The mayor of Riversdale, Mr Chris Taute, yesterday reported a brutal attcak on Albertinia worker, Willem De Bruyn.

Mr De Bruyn is currently at the Riversdale hospital. It is alleged that a well known farmer assaulted him and then drove over him with a bakkie last week. Police are investigating a charge of attempted murder against the farmer. The ANC is currently following up a report that the same farmer had previously assaulted a worker who then dies and was given a suspended sentence.

Mr Rasool said, "This brutality has no place in our society. Every decent citizen of our province should condemn such violence. It concerns me that the Premier is silent on the many assaults and evictions which are taking place on the farms. I will be calling on farmers to condemn such violence as it is these rotten apples amongst them who continue to literally get away with murder.

The ANC will highlight further cases throughout May and also engage with Unions, the Justice Department, NGO`s and Farmer organizations to develop a campaign for farm worker rights and against racism."

For more info on Riversdale contact Chris Taute on 083 265 0872

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