South Peninsula Municipality cover-up challenged by ANC & DP in historical joint motion

South Peninsula Municipality cover-up challenged by ANC & DP in historical joint motion

19 April 2000

ANC and DP councilors will tomorrow jointly call for a full Commission of Inquiry to investigate allegations and evidence of irregularities, incompetence and derelictions of duty by South Peninsula Municipality officials.

This historic joint ANC-DP motion will call for the appointment of a Commission of Inquiry - with powers to call witnesses and subpoena evidence - primarily to investigate irregularities in the Land Use and Building Survey Directorates of the SPM. The ANC and DP will also demand that the Commission`s terms of reference are wide enough to enable a full investigation into broader allegations of corruption and failures to deliver a proper public service.

The motion will be introduced at tomorrow`s meeting of the South Peninsula Council at the Alphen Centre, Constantia at 10.00am.

This joint ANC-DP initiative follows a public meeting in Tokai last night (Tuesday 18 April) where ratepayers, residents and civic association members expressed their outrage against the SPM`s alleged cover-up of the Van Niekerk probe findings which it received 15 months ago.

Attendees at the meeting demanded an explanation from the SPM on why it has failed to act on the Van Niekerk findings which highlighted alleged irregularities in the SPM and recommended the appointment of a full Commission of Inquiry.

The Van Niekerk inquiry was initiated by the SPM but operated within narrow terms of reference and without powers of subpoena or to call witness testimony under oath. Despite being a toothless tiger, it nevertheless found sufficient prima facia evidence of wrongdoing.

At last night`s meeting residents also protested against the SPM`s role in forced evictions from Westlake and for its sloppy administration in allocating houses to legitimate shack dwellers in Westlake. Yesterday local authorities were still evicting Westlake residents without providing any alternative accommodation. The ANC and DP will also call for an investigation into these evictions and the planning approval process applied to Westlake and other commercial developments.

Residents at the meeting felt the SPM threatened the physical well-being and welfare of thousands of local residents in impoverished areas and that it was also undermining property values across the South Peninsula including the established more affluent suburbs.

The NNP in the South Peninsula wants to cover up this issue. It has tried to prevent the council discussing Van Niekerk`s report and has opposed the appointment of a commission of inquiry.

The ANC and DP are discussing further steps to be taken if the resolution is not passed in tomorrow`s council meeting.

Issued by African National Congress Western Cape

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