ANC sets example in regard to clean Government and Organizational Discipline

ANC sets example in regard to clean Government and Organizational Discipline

28 March 2000

The ANC Western Cape has again demonstrated its commitment to clean government and organizational discipline by taking strong action against its members, including the expulsion of a Mayor and deputy Mayor, and the dismissal of an employee working for the ANC Caucus in the Legislature.

When the ANC came into office after the June 2 elections last year, ANC Chief Whip Leonard Ramatlakane received a report of independent auditors for the financial year ending 31 March 1999.

This report referred to unidentified payments of R32,700.00 in the income statement. The ANC caucus received about R700,000.00 from the Provincial Legislature for the 1998/99 financial year.

The Caucus reported this matter to the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) who then appointed a team to investigate, which included a forensic auditor.

As a result of the investigation the Caucus took a number of steps including disciplinary proceedings against the book-keeper/administrator of the Caucus. The book-keeper was dismissed after the hearing.

The Chief Whip also then managed to identify a further R10,500.00 of the unidentified payments, leaving R22,200.00 unaccounted for. The ANC caucus then submitted an affidavit to the Western Cape Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate whether any misappropriation of funds occurred with regards to the outstanding amounts.

The full report has also been handed to the ANC`s disciplinary committee (DC) to consider whether any charges should be brought against ANC members. The DC will advise the PEC once it has studied the findings of the investigation.

SARON - ANC expels Mayor and deputy Mayor

The mayor of Saron, Dan Kotze and his deputy Hubert Lesch, faced charges that they had violated the ANC constitution by acting against the mandate of the PEC in regard to the deployment of ANC members to council positions.

In 98% of the areas, decisions of the deployment committee and PEC were implemented by our councillors. However in Saron the two councillors actively opposed the PEC decisions, abusing their positions of trust.

Last week the Disciplinary Committee unanimously decided to expel Mesrrs Kotze and Lesch with immediate effect.

Disruption of meetings - steps against Ashton members

The ANC received complaints from the community in Ashton that certain members disrupted ANC meetings in the area.

Subsequently steps have been taken against eight members, resulting in suspension of these members.

These steps demonstrate the ANC`s resolve to rid itself of corruption and indiscipline.

In doing so we have reconfirmed our commitment made at the national Conference in Mafikeng in 1997, the January 8th Statement this year and President Thabo Mbeki`s opening address to the National Assembly.

Our constitution requires us to act against members who refuse to be accountable to the policy of the organization or refuse to abide by decisions of the elected leadership.

We will not allow the image of our organization to be ruined by a few rotten apples and therefore will not hesitate to act.

Issued by African National Congress Western Cape

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