IEC should co-ordinate voter registration, not Premier`s Office

IEC should co-ordinate voter registration, not Premier`s Office

27 March 2000

The ANC believes that the impasse around the provincial government voter registration and ID drive can best be resolved if the funds voted by the legislature are transferred to the IEC.

The ANC fully supports the need for all our people to obtain bar code ID`s and register to vote in the local elections. However, it is not acceptable that this function is located in the Premier`s office.

No other provincial government is doing this and it is not surprising that allegations of manipulation and abuse of taxpayers money are made against the DP/NNP coalition. Why is it that the Premier`s office open a file for each applicant keeping a copy of the photo and affidavit?

The IEC in consultation with the party liaison committee where all political parties are represented is best placed to lead this process. Co-ordination with home affairs should happen via local offices of the IEC.

Issued by African National congress Western Cape

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