ANC announces civil rights campaign against racism

ANC announces civil rights campaign against racism

22 March 2000

The ANC Western Cape is to embark on a civil rights campaign against racism in the province.

Addressing a Human Rights Day rally yesterday (Tuesday 21 March), ANC Western Cape Leader Ebrahim Rasool announced that the organisation will mobilise communities from all over the province to demand free entry to the Silverstream beach on Saturday 15 April.

The communities from Mamre, Atlantis, Witsand and Pella are disatisfied with the fact that they have to pay to gain entry to the beach whilst their more aflluent and mostly white neighbours in the south have free access to beaches with better facilities. The beach is controlled by the NNP`s Blaauwberg Municipality.

The ANC believes there can be no human rights if racism persist.

Explaining why he could not see himself planting a tree with Premier Gerald Morkel, Mr Rasool said there are more urgent concrete actions to be taken to address racism in the province.

Some of these are the issue of representation in both the cabinet and the provincial administration.

The NNP and DP are silent when farm workers are subjected to assault from owners. People on the rural areas are being refused to have their hair cut and yet the Premier says nothing.

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