<html> <head> <title>Statement from the ANC Western Cape on Human Rights Day

Statement from the ANC Western Cape on Human Rights Day

Statement from the ANC Western Cape on Human Rights Day

20 March 2000

On 21 March in 1960, 69 people were massacred by the apartheid police in one of the most gruesome violations of human rights in South Africa`s history.

We remember those who suffered in the past through the systematic denial of even the most basic human rights, but we also celebrate the triumph of human dignity over the forces of oppression. Today everybody enjoy equal rights. All are equal before the law as enshrined in the Constitution.

But as we commemorate our history and celebrate our victory, we also renew our determination to end racism in the Western Cape.

This province require urgent attention and concrete action on the problem of the colourline. The ANC has consistently highlighted such areas, for example:

  1. The provincial cabinet remains unrepresentative. There is not even a sinlge African in the benches of the NP or DP.
  2. The senior structures of the provincial administration under Apartheid technocrat Neil Barnard remains the domain of white males while the number of people of colour are declining.
  3. The distribution of police remains a source of great inequality.
  4. In a place like Citrusdal, Coloured and White police go on shifts based on their race. Just last week at the entrance of the legislature an ANC MP visiting Mr Ebrahim Rasool was referred to as a "donners hotnot".
  5. People in Porterville are refused haircuts. People in Atlantis and Mamre must pay for the use of Silwerstroomstrand.

All of this and not a word of condemnation from the NNP, DP or the Premier. And these are but a few examples.

It is in this context that we renew our determination to fight racism. The Provincial Working Committee will soon be finalising plans for a Civil Rights Campaign against Racism in the Western Cape.


Deputy President Jacob Zuma will be the main speaker at a rally in Khayelitsha which will include cultural acts.

The event takes place tommorrow (Tuesday 21 March 2000) in the OR Tambo Hall, Mew Way Road, Khayelitsha, and will start from 9am. Mr Zuma is expected to address the rally at about 2pm.

Also in attendance will be the ANC Leadership, including Ebrahim Rasool, and other provincial leaders of Cosatu, SACP and Sanco.

For directions or any media enquiries, contact ANC Media Officer Gert Witbooi: 082-570-9118.

Issued by African National Congress Western Cape