Credibility crisis for Western Cape Cabinet

Credibility crisis for Western Cape Cabinet

18 February 2000

The current Western Cape cabinet is facing a credibility crisis and needs to be completely restructured.

Whether Marthinus van Schalkwyk personally takes charge of the Western Cape, or whether Premier Gerald Morkel reshuffle the Cabinet, will not take away the fact that the Cabinet is unrepresentative. This credibility crisis can only be addressed if the imbalances in the cabinet is corrected.

Nothing will change if a 12% white party remain in control of 60% of the budget; if a party with five Members in the Legislature are allocated four of the most important portfolios.

Nothing will change if the poor black communities of this province continue to be subjected to racism and feel alienated. Letting the "Baas" take charge or appointing a black face to the Cabinet will simply not help. It will remain an alliance for the preservative of white privilege.

It is clear the restructuring and/or intervention from their national leadership has more to do with fending off criticism, rather than a genuine attempt to reflect the reality of the province and its people.

The fact that the NNP is considering that Mr van Schalkwyk take over as Premier, is proof that Mr Morkel does not enjoy the confidence of his party. He only survived the No Confidence Motion this week because of the absense of a secret ballot.

Issued by African National Congress Western Cape

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