Morkel offers no solutions

Morkel offers no solutions

8 February 2000

The ANC is disappointed with Premier Gerald Morkel for not offering any solutions to address issues such as poverty and housing in especially the Coloured and African communities. In spite of the fact that there were hundreds of representatives from poor communities at the opening of the provincial legislature he did not indicate how he intend to address their grievances.

Commenting on the address, ANC Western Cape Leader Ebrahim Rasool said:

"We are also astounded by the fact that he did not make any reference to the issue of HIV / Aids. This is one of the most threatening of scourges which needs to be addressed.

"His call for a provincial police just create more uncertainty and confusion among communities and the police. He again blamed the government for not wanting to stop crime in the province.

"The reality is that Mr Morkel and Community Safety MEC Mark Wiley failed to transform the service, they failed to act against corrupt police officials, and they failed to address acts of ill-discipline in the police service.

"His bashing of the national government was an attempt to keep together the coalition, which is increasingly coming pressure from outside and even within the coalition.

"It is an open secret that many NNP members are not happy with the fact a 10% party control 60% of the budget - which also happen to be the most important areas of delivery.

"It is clear the Premier offered no strategic direction in terms of solving problems in this province. It is poor leadership!"

Issued by ANC Western Cape DIP
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