14 WCAPE rural students miss first day at school

14 WCAPE rural students miss first day at school

18 January 2000

14 Slangriver ( near Heidelberg ) students miss first day at school due to bungling at W.Cape Education Department

ANC PEC co-ordinator for the Southern Cape region and MP for the Langeberg /Hessaqua Zone, Cameron Dugmore said;

"What happened today is a disgrace.

"My information is that a lengthy process had been followed with the governing body of the Eerstekop Primary school and that all parties had agreed to the closing of the school for the 2000 education year. All the students were to attend the Slangrivier Primary school (10 km`s away) and the teacher had already been transferred. All the desks had been moved from Eerstekop to Slangrivier.

"Today about 14 students waited in vain at Eerstekop for departmental transport to Slangrivier. It never arrived.

"It appears that, despite the process followed last year, the department had not officially closed the school and thus had not provided transport. It appears that an instruction had been issued to keep the school open for the first term - exactly the opposite of what had been agreed with the parents"

"I am in the process of contacting the education department to insist that transport should be provided tomorrow and that a full investigation be launched as to how this bungle happened.

"It seems that schools in the rural areas and also in the African and Coloured communities do not get the same service as former model C schools. It is this neglect which eventually impacts on the results at the end of the school career."

Issued by:
Cameron Dugmore ANCMPL for the Hessaqua Zone