ANC leaders unhappy about unequal resources

ANC leaders unhappy about unequal resources

18 January 2000

ANC Western Cape Leader Ebrahim Rasool this morning expressed unhappiness with the fact that not all schools were adequately equipped with maths and science teachers and laboratories.

Mr Rasool and ANC Provincial Secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha visited ID Mkhize High School in Guguletu. Earlier Mr Rasool visited Manenberg and Modderdam High in Bontheuwel.

At Modderdam High Mr Rasool addressed the children and teachers assembly on the first day of school and called on the authorities to immediately bring about equality in the education system so that the high pass rate can be converted to high levels of matric exemptions.

The ANC tasked all its MP`s and MPL`s to visit schools in their respective constituencies. The visits, which took place from this morning, will last until next week after which the ANC will compile a report on the state of education in our province.

The objectives of the visits will be to check on the conditions of the schools, whether textbooks arrive on time, whether the school has sufficient stationery, whether there is enough resources like libraries and science labs, registration problems and overcrowding, etc. and whether schooling generally starts on time.

By next week the ANC will compile a report card on the opening of the schools and the Provincial Executive Committee will decide on how to act on it.

Commenting after having visited the schools, ANC Leader Ebrahim Rasool said:

"Although there is a high percentage pass rate, it does not necessarily guarantee our children a proper future.

"The ANC is concerned about the fact that this is especially true about our African and Coloured children.

"Although the pass rate was high, the low level of matric exemptions from especially previously disadvantaged schools is further cause for concern.

"When I arrived at ID Mkhize school, I felt a bit uncomfortable and disappointed that teaching did not start on day one. But if you look at the fact that only 30 percent of textbooks arrived, one begins to ask questions about the administration.

"The ANC will also want to look at why there is no sufficient availability of maths and science teachers and proper facilities since this holds a key to the future in terms of the technological era. There is only five maths-and-science teachers for the more than 1000 learners.

"Our visit this morning has exposed this gap. Although there is a satisfactory pass rate, there is a low level of matric exemptions from especially the black communities.

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