Helen Zille`s interference in Crossroads Housing Project fuels potential for violence

Helen Zille`s interference in Crossroads Housing Project fuels potential for violence

16 February 2001

The ANC in the Western Cape and the SA National Civics Organisation are deeply concerned at the interference of MEC Helen Zille in the Crossroads community.

At a public meeting in Crossroads last night residents expressed deep concern at the role of Zille in Crossroads. Residents allege that she is linking up with discredited elements in the community and a candidate who was soundly defeated in the local government elections on 5 December last year.

Her support for a small minority in the community is seriously threatening the development in Site Five. It is known in the community that some of these elements have been trying to stop the building of houses in the area.

Sanco strongly supports the development and said that individuals trying to stop the development were not members of Sanco. Residents from Boys Town were also present and said the vast majority of them want the building of houses to proceed.

The meeting resolved to call a mass meeting of all residents in Boys Town for Thursday 22nd February.

Mziwonke Whitey Jacobs, ANC Peninsula Regional Chairperson, said:

"We believe ZilleĀ“s involvement is motivated by narrow party political interests and not out of a genuine concern for the community.

"While the ANC fully supports freedom of association, we are strongly opposed to public representatives whose conduct has the potential of fuelling violence in a politically sensitive community.

"What angers us are the vague allegations which are being made about the allocation of houses in the area. Rumours are being spread about houses being sold. Why are these allegations not taken to the police and the Council?

"As the ANC we are very proud of the progress being made in the area in regard to housing. Crossroads has been transformed from an informal settlement racked by violence to a developed and peaceful community.

"We cannot afford the divide and rule tactics of the DA and Helen Zille. They should accept that housing delivery is underway as a result of thorough consultation with the community. Nothing should stand in the way of this development."

Issued by: ANC Western Cape Communications
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