ANC visits to flash points

ANC visits to flash points

17 January 2001

ANC Western Cape Leader Ebrahim Rasool, Provincial Secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha and Nyamezeli Booi, MP, visited three flashpoint areas yesterday.


The ANC leadership met with about 800 people in a local school hall where the community agreed that Xenophobia is unacceptable.

In the days of apartheid many African countries hosted our freedom fighters in exile. The ANC supports the efforts of the Namibian and Angolan refugees to come back to Du Noon.

But it cannot happen immediately. A climate must be created for this to happen peacefully. A temporary police charge office must be set up and there must be visible policing. Mr Rasool also urged the local ANC leadership and civic structures to continue to persuade and educate the community.


It has come to the attention of the ANC that Mngulisi Noludwe and other people who stood as independents in the local elections last year are trying to derail housing development projects in the area. They do this by intimidating the contractors and sub-contractors and their workers.

The ANC met with a group of about 200 people in the community who complained about the intimidation. We are of the opinion that it is because he cannot accept defeat by ANC Councillor Ellese Depoutch.

The ANC urged the workers and the community to go ahead with the work and the development in the area.


Last week, at least eight shots were fired through the window of ANC Councillor Alicia Mgijima. Fortunately she did not sleep in her main bedroom because of threats made against her in the past.

The previous evening members of the UDM disrupted an ANC meeting, threatening ANC Councillors and members. Charges have been laid There have also been other charges of intimidation, assault and threats laid against members of the UDM relating to separate incidents.

Commenting on this after the visits to these conflict-ridden areas, ANC Provincial Leader Ebrahim Rasool said:

´´It is clear the DA does not display an eagerness to address conflict situations in black areas. If it was a white DA Councillor and there were allegations that it was the ANC, the DA Minister of Police would have visited immediately, it would have been on the front pages of all the newspapers, the police would have been instructed to arrest all ANC suspects and security would have been in place immediately.

"But because it is a black ANC Councillor, the DA does not see it as a priority. The ANC will insist that the conduct of a UDM councillor in the Stellenbosch Municipality be investigated and that he be suspended from council.

"The police have taken statements and names of suspects provided, but there have not been any arrests."

The ANC leaders have urged people to stay calm and not take the law into their own hands, but rather assist the police with information.

Issued by African National Congress Western Cape

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