ANC - NNP joint statement on Local Government agreement

ANC - NNP joint statement on Local Government agreement

20 June 2002

Today the African National Congress and the New National Party in the Western Cape announce an historic agreement establishing a developmental framework to capacitate local government to eradicate poverty and racism in the Western Cape.

This agreement based on trust and co-operation between two historically opposing political forces in our country, will transform and stabilise local government and improve service delivery with a development focus bringing hope and unity to all our people. This agreement is a natural consequence of the National Co-operation Agreement between the two parties.

The challenges that all our people face are daunting. Poverty, HIV / AIDS, crime, unemployment, unbalanced service delivery and discrimination are felt more intensely at local levels affected by the institutional instability in many parts of our Province.

To overcome these challenges we need honesty and commitment from both government and opposition in a manner that will reconcile, unite and develop all our communities in the Western Cape.

South Africa belongs to all who live in it. In the Western Cape, our two parties represent 80% of the electorate and can justly claim to govern by the will of the people, uniting Coloured, African and white citizens as never before.

A Joint Policy Task Team will be established immediately to ensure the facilitation of processes; the legislative, principled and procedural empowerment of local government to play the stabilising and important role that it must play.

The two parties therefore agree to govern in the spirit of consensus based on good faith and always putting the needs of the people first. Fair representation and the promotion of institutional stability will characterise this relationship.

Subject to the National Agreement, this agreement will stay in place beyond 2005.

An electronic version of the agreement is available on request.

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape

Clayton Wakeford
Department of Communications
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