ANC rejects DA`s Wallacedene wall of racism

ANC rejects DA`s Wallacedene wall of racism

26 June 2002

The Unicity has approved the housing development project for Wallacedene over the next 6-7 years. At yesterdays Exco, the DA introduced 2 additional recommendations without consulting the ANC Exco councillor for Housing, Cllr Thozama Mlanjeni. The recommendations were:-

1. That the contractor be changed from Africon to BKS, potentially exposing the Council to legal challenge as they had already started some of the work at risk.

2. They want to build a brick wall between the Wallacedene community and the surrounding, affluent community and requesting a report on an electrical fence.

These changes were submitted by DA councillor Fanie Jacobs and fully supported by DA Cllrs Brian Watkyns, Kent Morkel, Belinda Walker and the DA`s part-time Mayor Gerald Morkel.

ANC Councilors and Exco members Saleem Mowzer and Thozama Mlanjeni respond as follows to these prejudiced and potentially costly and illegal changes:

"It is clear that the DA wants to reintroduce Apartheid, the group areas act and seperate development in the Unicity. The majority of South Africans have fought and sacrificed lives for our freedom and to bring an end to apartheid and racism. We will not allow the elitist DA to re-introduce apartheid.

"Tony Leon and the DA`s true racist and privileged clours are become increasingly clear. These racist recommendations go against our country`s constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are seeking legal advice and reserve our right to take this matter to the Constitutional Court."

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape

For further input, please contact the following:
Cllr Thozama Mlanjeni, Exco member on 082 806 0081
Cllr Saleem Mowzer, Exco member on 082 806 8135
Cllr Peter Gabriels, ANC Caucus Chief Whip on 083 629 0883