ANC welcomes high court ruling in face of DA desperation

ANC welcomes high court ruling in face of DA desperation

26 June 2002

ANC Provincial Chairperson Ebrahim Rasool has welcomed today`s High Court ruling in favour of the 8 Councillors dismissed by the DA.

Rasool said: "The ANC welcomes the ruling by the Cape Town High Court against the DA`s dismissal of 8 councillors from their ranks. This desperate move by the DA, can only be described as deep panic in the face of their imminent loss of power in the Unicity and across the Province.

"The DA has been forced to show an illiberal, intolerant face as they desperately set about a witch-hunt to identify and dismiss public representatives they suspect will join the ANC ­ NNP Co-operation.

"But the message is clear to Councillors. We will not stand by idly and allow the DA to intimidate them. They are the owners of their own choices. They must remain patient while we negotiate the final few obstacles to them joining the ANC ­ NNP Co-operation governments across the Western Cape."

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