Statement by ANC Western Cape on the commencement of the walk-over period

Statement by ANC Western Cape on the commencement of the walk-over period

8 October 2002, Tuesday

The ANC Western Cape salutes and welcomes the councillors of the City of Cape Town and Drakenstein Municipality (Paarl-area) who have made the decision to break away from the DA`s "fight-back politics" to the coalition of the ANC-NNP.

Premier Marthinus van Schalkwyk this morning welcomed back 27 councillors to the NNP. This means that, together with the ANCĀ¹s 77 councillors, the coalition can now take over the City of Cape Town.

The Drakenstein Municipality has also fallen to the coalition. Mr Van Schalkwyk said that in the next two weeks, more and more councillors will have joined the coalition and eventually every council in the Western Cape will have been taken from the DA.

Speaking at the reception caucus for members rejoining the NNP, ANC Western Cape Leader Ebrahim Rasool said: "The ANC celebrates this joyous occasion with the NNP.

"We welcome the members of the NNP to the coalition of non-racialism, the coalition of hope for the poor.

"For the past two years under the DA, the city administration has been scandal-ridden. Under the capable leadership of Nomaindia Mfeketo (ANC Mayoral candidate), we will bring back stability, dignity and delivery to Cape Town.

"The DA had ample time to prove themselves, they failed. The coalition will immediately put measures in place to ensure that, after the celebrations, members will know what their responsibilities are.

"The main challenges for the city and province remain tackling poverty, fighting diseases including HIV-Aids and building non-racialism. The ANC-NNP coalition is ready to tackle these and other challenges."

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ANC Western Cape Communications