Ebrahim Rasool, the Western Cape ANC Chairperson, on Democratic Alliance/Harksen claims

Ebrahim Rasool, the Western Cape ANC Chairperson, on Democratic Alliance/Harksen claims

8 October 2002

The Democratic Alliance is desperately clutching at straws in trying to extricate themselves from the Jurgen Harksen scandal. Their first attempt at trying to convince the citizens of Cape Town was their forensic audit, which was based on their own terms of reference. The audit found that Gerald Morkel was innocent but left many questions unanswered.

The audit report failed to adequately answer the role of Erik Marais in their entire funding scandal and explain the source of the German Marks. It is failed to reveal the identity of the mysterious "Hans". Even some of the best investigation agencies in the country have failed to trace "Hans".

The DA is now trying to interpret Harksen`s fight with the Department of Justice as a vindication of their innocence. The fact is that Harksen is not saying he lied about giving money to the DA. All Harksen is saying is that if he does not get witness protection, his cellphone, freedom to go restaurants, while in prison, he will withdraw his testimony. This is completely different from saying Morkel is innocent or that he never received money from Harksen.

The DA`s assertions of vindication are the kind of deceit that has plunged Cape Town from one scandal to the other. It is this manipulation of the facts that has brought indignity to the citizens of Cape Town.

Even as the DA goes to its political grave, it is continuing to spin manipulations. The ANC would like to assure the citizens of Cape Town that the floor-crossing legislation is the best solution to the City`s problems. The legislation will save Cape Town from the embarrassments of DA indignities. Cape Town will soon embark on a road of delivery and transformation under ANC-NNP rule.