Statement by ANC Western Cape leader Ebrahim Rasool on DA`s hypocrisy

Statement by ANC Western Cape leader Ebrahim Rasool on DA`s hypocrisy

14 October 2002

"I find it amusing that the DA continues to shift their scoreboard.

"They first had a scoreboard of principle against the ANC government then, but with their fight-back campaign have lost all their principles for the sake of rightwing votes.

"The scoreboard then: ANC equals non-racialism, transformation and sound economic policies. The DA equals mobilization of rightwing forces against advancement of black people with no policies.

"Having lost all their principles, they shifted to the scoreboard of morality. Over the last year the DA was the party of scandal, corruption and consorting with questionable people.

"Gerald Morkel single-handedly was responsible for their moral demise. Through Nomaindia Mfeketo, it will be left to the ANC again to restore dignity to the city.

"Then the DA reverted to the scoreboard of power and governance. They claimed that the ANC-NNP coalition will not be able to muster enough councillors to take control of the Unicity, and that it will hardly make a dent on the rural towns. After a week, the DA has already lost 18 of the 30 municipalities.

"Knowing that they are going to loose more town councils in the next coming days, the DA has now shifted to the scoreboard of numbers of councillors. How pathetic!

"Having sacrificed their principles for rightwing votes; having cleared Morkel in the face of unprecedented humiliation and embarrassment, and starting to realise that their party is in terminal decline, the DA is clutching at the last available straw.

"Their politics of hypocrisy knows no boundaries"

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape

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