Walk-over day two - ANC-NNP coalition takes four more councils

Walk-over day two - ANC-NNP coalition takes four more councils

9 October 2002, Wednesday

The ANC-NNP coalition today welcome back into its fold yet another group of DP/DA councillors.

This means that the Garden Route/Klein Karoo District Municipality (Southern Cape), Witzenberg and Swellendam Municipalities will now also be governed by the coalition.

In the Boland all seven directly elected DP/DA councillors have pledged loyalty to the NNP, including the Deputy Mayor and Speaker.

In the Witzenberg Municipality, encompassing towns like Ceres, Tulbach, Wolseley, Prince Alfred Hamlet and Koue and Warm Bokkeveld, seven of the nine DA councillors have re-joined the NNP.

In welcoming the group at the offices of the Boland District Municipality in Stellenbosch today, NNP Leader and Premier Marthinus van Skalkwyk said it was clear the DA was having leadership crisis.

He dismissed their call for an election, saying instead the DA must have an internal party election.

Speaking initially in Afrikaans, ANC Provincial Chairperson Ebrahim Rasool thanked the Premier for sharing the home-coming of NNP councillors to their fold.

Rasool said although the councillors have now re-joined the NNP, they have also joined the ANC-NNP coalition. "This is a coalition of hope, a coalition for non-racialism and prosperity."

"Although, as former adversaries we have not seen eye-to-eye, we are now getting together in the interest of our country. We now come together to find solutions.

"Already on a provincial level, under the leadership of the Premier we have risen to the challenges of governance.

"There are differences but we must be prepared to look at the bigger picture.

Rasool thanked the councillors for their patience but said the moment has now come.

The ANC also joins the Premier in rejecting the DA`s call for an election.

The DA must elect a new leadership. They are in crisis and not the country or the province`s political system.


Rasool expressed his concerned and dismay at the way some in the media have been reporting on the process unfolding.

"Words like coup, back-stabbing and betrayal suggest that there is something untoward and or illegal for councillors to cross the floor.

"The country`s highest constitution declared the floor-crossing to be legitimate. Therefor if any media or journalist mourns for the loss of the DA, they must do so in their homes and not on the front pages of the newspapers."

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