Cape Town Councillor joins ANC, Breede-Valley Council firmly in ANC-NNP hands

Cape Town Councillor joins ANC, Breede-Valley Council firmly in ANC-NNP hands

21 October 2002

The ANC Western Cape today welcomed into its ranks Chris Joubert, one of the pioneers of the city municipal policing system.

The defection of Joubert from the DA, together with Ishmael Jones and Yagia Adams, bring the ANC`s total to 80 in the Cape Town City Council. With the NNP`s 27 councillors, the outright majority of the ANC-NNP coalition has now been consolidated.

The ANC made no demands on anyone and offered no-one any position. In fact, ANC Leader Ebrahim Rasool today revealed that the ANC asked Joubert to reconsider joining the ANC as it was important for the NNP to be strengthened to implement the co-operative governance agreement.

"The ANC has a gentleman`s agreement with the NNP not to poach their members. But after Chris gave it considerable thought, he still indicated that he wants to join the ANC," said Rasool.

"We are therefor happy to have someone with his stature and talents. He has a formidable history in politics in the Cape. He served his constituency, mostly Sea Point and the Atlantic Seaboard, well over the years.

"He will add value to the ANC`s struggle for service delivery to the poor."

Said Councillor Joubert: "For me this was not a difficult decision to join the ANC. I have made no demands for any position nor have I been offered any.

"I merely would like to be part of the strategy to change the focus of the Municipal Police Force to that of "Bobbies on the Beat".

"Public perception of the municipal police is that too much emphasis is being placed on traffic offences - enforcement rather than service!

"Remaining in the DA will only leave me frustrated since the DA has been left with no power to change anything. The challenge is to consolidate the law enforcement agencies of the Council under the umbrella of the MPF, without necessarily sacrificing their individual identities and the benefits they offer.

"By joining the ANC I hope to offer my skills to all the citizens of Cape Town."


In 1998 Joubert was commissioned independently by the Provincial Government to investigate the establishment of a Municipal Police Force for the Cape Metropole, to adapt it to local conditions and present a business plan.

These research documents were offered to the EXCO DA councillor and completely ignored.

Joubert facilitated the training of 750 SAPS reservists in the colleges of Paarl and Oudtshoorn.

He was able to raise R35 million in sponsorship from the private sector and local government to finance the salaries of municipal cops.

Joubert facilitated the re-deployment of retrained reservists to primarily poor disadvantaged areas.

Since he completed these tasks, today 38 SA police stations are augmented by these community police officers. The City of Cape Town is currently sponsoring 386 officers.


The NNP today announced the names of four DA and an independent councillor from the Breede-Valley Municipality who have crossed the floor.

This was a hung council with an ANC Mayor. With the latest defections, this means that this council is now firmly in the hands of the coalition. This council consist of Worcester, Rawsonville, Towsriver and De Doorns.

The ANC and NNP expect that, as the window period draws to a close, there will be a last-minute rush from councillors who will want to join the coalition of hope for the poor.

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