Embarrassing morkel all the more paraniod as window period draws to a close

Embarrassing morkel all the more paraniod as window period draws to a close

18 October 2002

The extent of paranoia and desperation from the DA has become very clear today with their laughable claims of bribery and threats by the ANC in the Breederiver/Winelands Municipality. This Municipality consists of Robertson, Ashton and Montague in the Boland.

According to Western Cape DA Leader and outgoing City of Cape Town Mayor Gerald Morkel, one DA councillor Henry Jansen was approached by Witzenberg ANC Mayor John Schuurman, and offered the mayorship, a future parliamentary post and R10,000 cash if he crossed the floor.

Said Schuurman: "The claims are laughable. My organisation knows my integrity. Yes, I have spoken to the councillor concerned but was in no position to make any such offers. I have at least two witnesses to back it up.

"With regards to the allegation of a cash bribe, I am completely dumbstruck and at a loss for wordsS To me it sounds like defamation of character. I will definitely have to consult my legal advisors on this," said Schuurman.

Morkel further alleges that another DA councillor Leon de Koker, was offered the no. 1 position on the ANC parliamentary list by the ANC¹s Phillip Claassen.

Which parliamentary list is Morkel referring to? And who is this Claassen?

The ANC does not have a councillor with that name. Secondly the ANC¹s records do not reflect any such Claassen being even an ordinary member of the ANC.

When the ANC checked with councillor De Koker, he himself confessed that he did not even know whether this Claassen belonged to any political party!

It is clear Morkel has again embarrassed the DA with his latest claims. He probably wants to salvage whatever integrity is left, with a view to the upcoming DA conference.

And as the window period (for defections) is drawing to a close, Morkel has gone into a state of panic. This is clearly the last kicks of a dying horses

Issued by:
Agrican National Congress - Western Cape

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