City in limbo

City in limbo

15 October 2002

The ANC has noted newspaper reports that the city is "in limbo", allegedly being held "ransom" by an ANC-NNP team.

If the city is in limbo, it has been so for two years now because of DA-misrule. Sad that it had to take the crossing over of councillors to the ANC-NNP to realise it.

Ever since the DA`s first policy of political appointments and back-tracking thereof, they have gone from one disaster to another.

For the better part of this year DA mayor Gerald Morkel could not show his face in public. They governed under the pressure of the "walk-over clause" and when it hit them, they are in such a state of panic that it affects their ability to govern.

The ANC-NNP coalition is committed to ensure that the day-to-day delivery of services to the citizens of Cape Town is not affected.

We wish to assure Cape Town that as soon as the window period has closed, we will take immediate steps to bring about a representative Executive with a dignified Mayor that will bring back stability and dignity to the city.

We will audit the DA`s last-minute hastily rushed-through expenditure decisions.

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape

For further enquiries contact:
ANC Provincial Media Officer Gert Witbooi 082-570-9118.